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Vendor Sign Up Instructions

  • Review the Categories

    Look over the categories that we offer. This is how the providers will search for a match. You can see the categories with descriptions here.

  • List your Services and Solutions

    These will help you select which categories you will place yourself into. You will also be supplying information on your Services and Solutions that providers can view to help you get a “hot lead”.

  • Pick your Subscription Level

    Choose which level you would like to be a part of. Each level has its own number of benefits. You can view the levels here.

  • Make Your Credit Card Payment

    When your choose your subscription level, you will be brought directly into the checkout process. Once paid, you are ready to start creating your vendor profile.

  • Receive your Welcome Email

    You welcome email will contain a copy of this list and a link to return to your account.

  • Complete & Submit your Vendor Profile

    This is where you will complete your profile that the providers will see. You will choose which categories your solutions fall into here.

  • Your Profile is Viewed by Providers

    Based on the categories you put your solutions in, providers will be able to search and view your profile. When they’ve decided to make a match you’ll be notified of your “hot lead” in an email.