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Where Partnerships Begin

Overview is breaking free from lackluster group events and is racing toward Lexington, KY. The Commonwealth is the ideal destination for a three-day summit of partnership building. Located in the Heart of the Bluegrass, Lexington, (80 miles west of Louisville, home of the Kentucky Derby), is home to the University of Kentucky and only five miles from the Keeneland Racetrack. While at the summit plan to visit the ever-popular Rupp Arena, which houses the University of Kentucky basketball games, endless thoroughbred horse farms, or toast to the world’s best Bourbon, Lexington has it all.


Not only will you be able to share your own success stories, you will also be learning best practices from peers, and have interaction with those individuals that you know or would like to know. We offer a socially influenced setting focusing on interaction.

All Revenue Cycle executives attending the summit are members of

Who will be in attendance?

Titles of the 45 CFO’s and Revenue Cycle Executives that will be attending:

Vice President of Revenue Cycle, Senior Vice President of Revenue Cycle, Chief Revenue Officer, Senior Vice President Enterprise Revenue Cycle, Corporate Directors of Patient Account Services, Corporate Director Revenue Optimization, Vice President Hospital Revenue Cycle and a few of the titles of our members.

A complete attendee list will be sent to vendors 45 days prior to the summit.

Why should you become a sponsor?

*Why not? What group, association, or event offers you the opportunity to exclusively, meet, learn, and mingle with such an exclusive group of chosen Healthcare CFOs, and Revenue Cycle Executives.


What makes the 1st annual Client Summit different? Vendors control the content.

The event is limited to 8 currently enrolled vendor subscribers.

Vendors submit their content. The agenda is created around each vendor’s insightful intelligence.

Teach the industry what you know works, best practices, and ROI. Along with your current clients, your champions, you’ll teach the teachers.

Change the conversation, please. Skip the hard-core sales presentations. There is no need to sell; your insight and value will sell itself! This is the ideal place to nurture relationships and get to know industry leaders. You get to be a part of changing the way Revenue Cycle leaders meet, learn, and mingle!

*That’s right, we won’t send you a topic checklist or a box you have to conform to! We urge you to color outside the box. Teach the teacher!


We want to hear from you, learn from you, & work with you.

This event, like, is different. If we state that we are going to change the way that our industry does business, then we must change the way we meet. In doing so, why not let our Revenue Cycle leaders learn from you. Your company is designing the technology, solutions, and services. Who better to teach the teacher than the creator?

There will be no exhibit halls. Your company will have a designated time slot, one hour, to present to the entire group. We urge you to share knowledge-based content with our attending executives, such as best practices, solutions, and real ROI testimonies. You have the option to employ your two attending executive clients to assist you with your presentation. With the industry’s ever-changing landscape, help attendees understand your recent acquisitions. With every presentation, be mindful of “How can you help each and every attendee?”

We all deserve better than the status quo! Our approach is simple; our success is your success. Revenue Cycle leaders need business partners, and business partners need Revenue Cycle leaders.

Vendor Requirement, Cost, Payment Schedule, and Selection Process

Requirement: Vendors must be current subscribers. Vendors are required to bring two current revenue cycle executive clients. Both (2) executive clients are eligible to receive full scholarships. Vendors may not include our current advisory board members.

Cost: $30K per company. Each company will be allowed to send two representatives to the event. We encourage company representatives to attend on-site events, sessions, tours, and private dinners.

Included in your sponsorship:

2-night stay (includes occupancy tax and tourism fees)
Exclusive Dinner event - for two company employees
Bourbon tour event - for attendee and one guest
Company Description and credentials will be listed on all the event collateral
Use of TM conference logo

Companies will be allowed to supply attendees with marketing collateral. To ensure the collateral makes it home with our attendees, it will be included with a bottle of wine and shipped directly to the Revenue Cycle leaders designated address.

Payment Options

Check payments:
Deposit: $15,000 check due 30 days upon registration
Amount due: $15,000

Credit card payments:
Deposit: $15,000 due upon registration
Amount due: $15,000

Vendor Selection process:

Platinum members: First Rights to become 1 of the 8 sponsors

Gold members: can register if sponsorships are available

Silver members: can register if sponsorships are available

*As Revenue Cycle related businesses continue to adapt as a result of COVID-19, we will continue to monitor the situation. We reserve the right to alter the above release dates to help our subscribers in this challenging time.

Summit Agenda

Agenda to be released fall of 2020