’s Platform Makes Tedious Marketing and Client Acquisition Practices Obsolete

Josh Page

At its core, evolved as a revolutionary matchmaking software connecting providers with vendors in the healthcare revenue cycle industry. The unique software platform is engineered with user functionality in mind.

The operation’s CTO, Josh Page, states the experience is designed for transparency, practicality, and security. “Our process begins with blueprinting and wire-framing and includes features like membership subscriptions, networking, and exclusive revenue cycle event calendar access, to name a few.”

Months’ worth of collaboration, development, testing, and reworking was invested in before its launch
in the Fall of 2018.

Connecting Revenue Cycle Leaders with Healthcare Vendors

revenue cycle management online platform

Users gain access to a beneficial technology unparalleled in the industry today. How does do this? By bringing together both sides of the Revenue Cycle exchange, the healthcare vendors and providers, and uncommonly launching those business partnerships, essentially providing Revenue Cycle management the resource to abandon a “blind date” method and opt for a service offering an innovative solution to sourcing through a database tailored to their unique needs, let’s make a match!

Apply our database technology to work for you; the underlying power behind is just this—information management and processing, data analysis, and data visualization via a multimedia source.

“What we are doing is reinventing how business relationships form within the industry. Everything about what we are doing aims to propel connections and assist in building suitable, ultimately prospering, business relationships using our technology application,” says Page. “This sort of networking is a development enhancing the fluency between vendors and providers, and the only place to take part in this evolution is at”

For those looking to sign up on the platform, the process is straightforward, that is, simple to use and user friendly. Once on the site, users will be directed to fill out an online form, including a few company details. From there, a simple check to verify your email domain – and you are signed up.

Vendors signing up can anticipate a few more simple steps in the process, like choosing a membership subscription and profile creation. Our profiles are a representation highlighting each company’s features and services.

Benefits of’s Matching Technology

Notable features users can expect with including, but are not limited to:

  • Provider anonymity
  • Vendor service marketing
  • Access to an industry calendar of events via our unique CONNEXTION calendar.

Page goes on to explain that one of the major feats while developing a platform that offers multiple components is streamlining to still be modern, efficient, and convenient for a user. Our goal is then, always user experience, we strive for usability when conducting professional business matching.

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If you would like more information about’s role in revenue cycle partnerships, our platform’s powerful database, or our beautiful user interface, please email Josh Page at [email protected].

About has re-imagined revenue cycle management partnerships with a new platform that makes tedious marketing and client acquisition practices obsolete. With the click of a button, our matching platform connects healthcare revenue cycle leaders to compatible vendors. This innovative method is the first of its kind, offering a simple, stress-free approach to building partnerships.

Our healthcare marketplace has something for everyone! Providers enroll, click, and anonymously evaluate subscribed vendors based on specific criteria. Vendors enroll, build their offering profile, and begin to receive “you’ve got a match” emails, which turn into a “hot leads.” Gone are the days of investing in cold calling. efficiently helps you find your match.

Let’s get to work, “Let’s make a match!”

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