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Jena Eggert, co-founder and president of, is known for being a solution-minded professional. Her positive outlook has always been a key part of her character. She painted a big picture for us about how and why works.

We asked, “Why,”

Her answer: “Simple–We saw a market disconnect.Healthcare Revenue Cycle leaders needed a resourceful and innovative solution to connect to future business partners, and those business partners needed to be visible to leaders–so we built it!”

Eggert saw inequality in the current strategy presentations of expos and conferences. “Big-budget vendors are in hall A; the smaller (though still pricey) booths are found in Hall C. All of the halls, A through C, have incredible people offering services and solutions. How can revenue cycle leaders possibly navigate through the noise?” questions Eggert.

The Effect of Rapid Collaboration and Growth from the Start

From the start, was fortunate to be supported by a dedicated and talented team.

In June 2018, Eggert and April Langford tackled the task of developing a web-based, online marketplace. They focused on their positive and negative experiences with the matching process and the struggles they had faced. Their goal was to give every Revenue Cycle user what they needed with a process that was intuitive, thorough, and equitable.

After Josh Page was recruited to program the site, Langford and Eggert focused on building the foundation for the process and creating the online platform to meet the needs of both sides of the Healthcare Revenue Cycle leaders and vendors.

Eggert’s highest priority: It had to be intelligent, intuitive, and modern. “[We wanted it] to be reflective of the changes we wanted to see in the industry.”

With this out-of-the-box thinking, the team spearheaded a more equitable approach to matching business partners with Revenue Cycle leaders. The results? In just five months, early adopters were testing the platform, and a full launch rolled out in January 2019.

“Other industries, like banks and home improvement, have similar models, but there was nothing comparable in our space,” Eggert says.

The entire online match platform was constructed by seeing it through the eyes and experiences of the users. Each feature was designed to serve the vendor, and the Revenue Cycle leader equally. Because neither user loses or gains anything at the expense of the other, they both benefit equally from It’s the combination of collective wisdom and user empathy that makes something unique.

“We sought advice from revenue cycle leaders,” says Eggert. “We asked, ‘Would you use this?’ and ‘Does this make sense?’ The feedback was crucial, good, bad, or indifferent. This authentic user experience is what makes work well for both types of users. The only way the site can work is by giving opportunity, accessibility, and affordability to all kinds of users.”

Web-based Online Matchmaking

Eggert embodies her entrepreneurial, solution mindset. “Technology has and continues to shape the healthcare Revenue Cycle community,” she says.

That is why matchmaking is online, she adds. “To be the first online marketplace in our space is exhilarating! Our site is forward-facing technology that is incredibly intelligent.”

And intelligent it is. Each vendor that subscribes to has full control over how they maintain and personalize their dashboard. How they share their offering is up to their discretion; their marketing teams can share their “secret sauce” and lead users to an informed decision. On the other hand, Revenue Cycle leaders have complete privacy while evaluating the available offerings. There are no business-to-business modules on the site. Plus, it’s all anonymous, without any lead-tracking system.

Leveling the Playing Field for Vendors

Accessibility and affordability are vital to Eggert’s vision of

“We based on a straightforward, equitable subscription model. The fee is affordable enough to ensure that all Revenue Cycle vendors can have access. Ours is not a’ pay to play’ model that favors big-budget companies,” she says.

Users may note the lack of “star” or accommodation ratings on vendors, and Eggert explains why. “We do not police, accredit, or score companies (our industry already has enough accrediting companies that rate vendors). Companies list their accolades on the site instead. There are no classifications or reviews. It is up to the vendors themselves to disclose as they choose when they use our site to provide information to leadership.” This ensures that doesn’t add to the confusion of finding new vendors with potentially skewed ratings. “It helps innovation, too,” she continues, “New vendors and services are allowed to be more successful without the threat of a ‘star’ or skewed rating.”

The vendor-based profile searching sets vendors up for sales success. Their success is’s success, so helping them increase, streamline, and improve their sales leads is essential.

Streamlined, Private, Professional Resources for Revenue Cycle Leaders facilitates better matches (we call them “lasting partnerships”) than traditional networking services. Our success is due to our platform, which directly connects Revenue Cycle leaders to the business partners that best fill their needs. It slices through the time-wasting tasks used by traditional networking methods and opens up Revenue Cycle business resources that may be hidden.

For example, if you ask Siri to find a coding company, she won’t know what you need. Or if you do a Google search for a coding company, at last check, there were about 360,000,000 results. Do Revenue Cycle teams have that kind of time? We all know the answer is no. In contrast, the platform offers business leaders “one-stop shopping” for all industry resources. In just a few keystrokes, Revenue Cycle teams find precisely what they need.

The vendors are listed in Revenue Cycle categories, which are then broken down into solutions. All have hover descriptions to help users navigate. In the example of a coding professional, you would have an alphabetical-ordered list of vendors that you could connect to in three steps. If users want to expedite the process, they simply add search criteria to the keyword search.

At last count, the site had 14 categories with 85 solutions, each with individual hover descriptions. Once a Revenue Cycle member clicks on a vendor(s) of choice, the vendor receives an email containing the “hot lead.” When vendors receive the lead, Revenue Cycle teams know who they are what they have to offer.

Goodbye discovery calls, hello “hot leads.”

Front-row Access to Leadership Mind Hive

An essential and much-welcomed benefit of is our “fingertips access” to industry leaders and peers. Our advisory board and council assembled with Revenue Cycle leaders who have years of experience in leading, directing, and facilitating the mind hive of the Revenue Cycle industry.

New services, such as CONNEXTION calendar, are continually added.

CONNEXTION calendar provides a one-stop resource for anyone in the Healthcare Revenue Cycle. Events, conferences, and summits of the industry are listed on the calendar for subscribers and members to access. And thanks to the agility of having an online platform paired with a capable team, within just seven days of the COVID-19 crisis response, we were able to add Revenue Cycle webinar events to the CONNEXTION calendar.

Reception in the Community

Eggert and her business partners knew that was special when the positive accolades and feedback began rolling in. Statements such as “Wow! We’ve needed this for so long! Finally! Where have you been?” validated the need for and its effect on the healthcare Revenue Cycle industry.

She says, “Future growth and development opportunities are endless. Due to CV19, the entire Revenue Cycle community is now remote and online. We are making things better by making a better thing– The entire team is looking forward to peer-to-peer webinars, happy hours, etc. We’ve just begun. See you online!”

Join Eggert and the team online at


About has re-imagined revenue cycle management partnerships with a new platform that makes tedious marketing and client acquisition practices obsolete. With the click of a button, our matching platform connects healthcare revenue cycle leaders to compatible vendors. This innovative method is the first of its kind, offering a simple, stress-free approach to building partnerships.

Our healthcare marketplace has something for everyone! Providers enroll, click, and anonymously evaluate subscribed vendors based on specific criteria. Vendors enroll, build their offering profile, and begin to receive “you’ve got a match” emails, which turn into a “hot leads.” Gone are the days of investing in cold calling. efficiently helps you find your match.

Let’s get to work, “Let’s make a match!”

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