Presumptive Charity Eligibility and Propensity to Pay Software and Services

Federal and state laws require you to provide certain types of medical care for free or at a reduced cost if your patients cannot afford to pay for medical treatment.

Presumptive Charity Eligibility is the process by which healthcare providers qualify patients for charity care as part of the benefit they provide to the surrounding community. Using technology that leverages credit-score-like data, estimated household size and income data, demographic information, and social media data, hospitals can determine whether patients are likely to qualify for charity care.

Propensity to Pay (P2P) automates the financial clearance of patients by condensing financial data into an easy-to-read format for quick decision-making during registration and financial counseling. This gives your organization a better idea of where patients stand financially and allows you to proceed accordingly.

Benefits of Presumptive Charity Eligibility and Propensity to Pay Software and Services

P2P tools identify the right coverage and evaluate your patient’s ability to pay. Vendors who offer this service will help you save time and resources while increasing patient collections and enhancing your patient experience.

The software can help you improve your cash flow by eliminating the guesswork out of patient collections. It can verify which patients would be eligible for charity care and provide alternative payment methods for financial aid and streamlining resources for follow-up.

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