Payor Portal Access and Administration

Payor Portal Access and Administration is a secure portal to administer, manage and control all payer website access by hospital and physician practice staff. This software increases the productivity and efficiency to access all payor websites and ensures HIPAA compliance by allowing only authorized users access to ePHI and one click de-activation of non-authorized personnel.

Benefits of Payor Portal Access and Administration

Revenue Cycle Management is an ongoing challenge for healthcare providers, who are continuously looking for ways to improve their efficiency. Outsourcing your payor information to a vendor allows your team to work more efficiently. You can gain secure access to all of your payor portals with a single application, automate manual tasks, and enhance your healthcare IT security.

Find Your Perfect Match Today reinvents the way you find your next revenue cycle business partner. Our platform is free-of-charge for providers and serves to eliminate false starts and service mismatches that slow down your business and cost you money.

Weve done the heavy lifting for you, so all that is left is choosing the best fit. Our matching protocol means you only get responses from subscribed vendors who meet your specific business requirements. We value privacy, so enables you to search the platform anonymously until you decide to make a match. By using, you can quickly and effectively find your next revenue cycle partner.

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