Payment Processing Software and Services

payment processing software and services

Remittance data (either paper or 835 EDI transaction) is captured, accessible for searching, retrieving, downloading and more. Remittance data can also be manipulated into a viewable easy, consistent layout for all payers.

Benefits of Payment Processing Software and Services

Healthcare merchant services can sometimes be time-consuming. High premiums, coinsurance, and deductibles often cause backlogs of paperwork and lead to long billing turnaround times. This leads to outstanding or overdue payments.

You can reduce your billing costs, improve your cash flow, and increase your revenue by updating your payment processing software.

Vendors who offer payment processing software and services typically combine advanced imaging, scanning and data recognition technology to help low and mid-volume remittance processors optimize their operations performance and improve patient relations. 

By upgrading, you can transform this cumbersome process to something that is more efficient and streamlined.

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