Frequently Asked Questions

How does revcyclematch.com work?

revcyclematch.com delivers an online matching platform that connects providers to vendors, offering solutions that meet specific business needs. Once a provider fills out an online profile they are able to search our network of vendors and their offerings. If a vendor’s offerings match the need, they will choose the vendor and the vendor will be notified via email. (aka “hot lead”)

Do you sell or share subscription or membership list?

That’s a hard NO. We do not share or sell members contact information with outside sources.

Please refer to our Privacy Policy

Where do I find the CONNEXTION calendar?

Once your signed in, the CONNEXTION calendar link will appear in the header. There is also a link in the user menu in ‘My Account’.

Is revcyclematch.com secure?

revcyclematch.com is totally secure. Our site is hosted on a private server and is monitored 24/7 for online threats. User information is not shared at all with anyone. We also guarantee that we will not sell user data.

Where do I find technical support?

You’ll find our technical support team online. Please email [email protected].

How do I add and pay for additional solutions, changing my tier level?

Best question of the day! You can absolutely, unequivocally add solutions to your subscription and give us a few more dollars. Simply head to your “my account” there you will see an option to upgrade tiers.

How can I change my profile?

Great question! Updating selfies are important. If you need to update your profile simply,
go to My Account > Profile > Edit. Smile!

I am a provider, may I share my login and password?

No. As a provider, you will need your own credentials to sign on. And yes, one facility may have multiple users. The more the merrier!

I am a vendor, may I share my login and password?

Yes. Once you have purchased your subscription, you will create a single login and password. That corporate sign-on will need to be shared with your entire team. Vendor members do not receive an individual sign-on. One Team. One Win.

As a provider, who can view my profile?

Once you have submitted your profile, no one other than the matchmakers at revcyclematch.com, can view your profile. Again, other providers or vendors are not given access to your information. Only when YOU choose to connect with a vendor are your contact digits given to the vendor.

As a vendor, who can view my profile?

Once you have completed the subscription process, only active providers on our site can view your company’s information. As a vendor, you only have access to your company’s dashboard. Vendors do not have access to one another’s information.

I’m not receiving emails from revcyclematch.com.

Chances are, your email host is sending revcyclematch.com emails to your spam folder. The way around this is to whitelist our email address. It is a very simple process and will only take five minutes.

Follow the instructions for your specific email host here.