Eligibility and Benefit Verification Software and Services

Eligibility and Benefit Verification Software and Services

Verifying insurance information for each patient at check-in can become quite complex and burdensome. Your practice has to be able to identify patient insurance coverage fast and reduce the number of claims being denied because of expired insurance or even non-coverage.

If you can verify coverage sooner in the billing process, you can focus on providing better care for your patients. Eligibility and Benefit Verification Software and Services solutions can help your practice run more efficiently.

It’s the process of checking a patient’s active coverage with the insurance company and verifying the eligibility and benefits available to expedite payment of the patient’s insurance claims.

Benefits of Eligibility and Benefit Verification

Verifying insurance information at the beginning of any service can help protect your patients while helping you to avoid losses due to expired insurance or non-coverage. This allows you to quickly—and accurately—verify your patient’s information and benefits  which improves and simplifies the patient registration process.

Eligibility and Benefit Verification Software and Services will help you streamline your billing workflows and patient check-ins.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Easily assign and prioritize patients, payers and tasks.
  • Checking in multiple patients at once
  • Real-time patient eligibility verification
  • Much faster than verifying eligibility over the phone
  • Improves patient communications
  • Experience fewer payment delays

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