Archival and Retirement of Legacy Solutions

Retiring and archiving legacy systems for compliance, record keeping is a necessity. Archiving enables you to decommission all associated hardware and software after retirement, eliminating the maintenance costs associated with these outdated systems.

Benefits of Archival and Retirement of Legacy Solutions

A critical component of legacy system retirement is how outstanding Accounts Receivables (A/R) are managed. Hospitals and medical practice must weigh collection of outstanding A/R when replacing legacy systems. 

Working with a vendor that offers these solutions can be beneficial in many ways. Here’s how they can help:

—Provide a cost-effective alternative to working post-sunset A/R with limited disruption to staff, users, and patients

—Ensure cash collections remain at or exceed current performance

—Allow your leadership team to focus on successful implementation and training of the new system

—Expedite the legacy system retirement

—Maintain the legacy system for a period while collecting outstanding balances or selling off debt to collection agencies can prove to be more cost effective

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